Are your Home technology devices performing optimally?

Residential Support – that delivers.

Did you know that 600,000 hard disks crash every year in Australia? In addition to that, nearly a third of all Australian adults are affected by cybercrime, losing precious money to new viruses and security threats that emerge every day.

Everyone relies on technology to live their daily lives, and the home network consists of many elements. The average home has approximately 18 smart devices and within a few years this could grow to beyond 25 devices, all connecting wirelessly to a network with the capacity to transmit data.

The internet and COVID-19 are having a dramatic impact on consumer habits. People are stuck at home, working, streaming, shopping – all online. The internet and everything that comes with it continues to change the way we live, meaning that tech support at home is increasingly crucial.

Ask yourself – is your Internet & Wi-Fi connection and IT technology performing optimally? Imagine thinking no more technology interruptions, that’s the peace of mind you deserve. How? Outsource the management of your home IT.  Engaging with your local Computer Troubleshooters to provide dedicated tech support means you can rest easy knowing your technology and data is safe.  Your local Computer Troubleshooter expert can configure your home network, install security solutions, and perform regular maintenance ensuring your desktops, laptops are working properly and securely.

Now more than ever, remote working is on the rise. The impact of COVID-19 means that Australian businesses are allowing their employees to work from home. Our experts offer residential support services that include computer diagnostics (identifying problems, defining, and proposing solutions) computer & laptop repairs, tune ups, data backup, data transfer, new computer setup, home network configuration & NBN integration.

A Computer Troubleshooters solution for the residential client protects your networks and hardware from malware, spyware, Crypto locker & virus threats. Computer Troubleshooters provide a range of internet security services, including both proactive and prevention products. If your computer is already infected, our experts can remove viruses and spyware and patch and install the latest software.

The Computer Troubleshooters Protection Plan Solutions can be tailored to meet your support needs, for a small monthly fee. Talk to your local Computer Troubleshooter who will tailor a plan to suit your needs.

  • Worried about losing files and precious photos?
    We can assist with back up and cloud support.
  • Concerned about viruses & cybercrime?
    Let us take the worry away with monitoring that alerts your local Computer Troubleshooter to issues before they happen. Meaning it’s fixed before you have a disruption to your technology life.  You can be confident that you are doing everything to limit the opportunity for a phishing or ransomware attack.
  • Does your computer performance seem slow?
    Give our experts a call for a tune up of your computer.

Our on-demand services are available to residential customers without a service contract, for a computer technician at an hourly rate (or fixed-fee pricing where appropriate).

We offer quick and timely resolution, especially when you utilise our Remote Support Service.

If you have an internet connection, then we can aim to fix your issues without even coming to your home. This means we can diagnose your problem, present you with the remediation option and before you know it, we have rectified your problem.

No internet connection a solution is at hand. We offer onsite support, where the technician will travel to you and diagnose your situation. We can even complete a home audit of your technology environment and make recommendations that will make your life easier.

No problem is too big or too small, don’t lose your precious memories or jeopardise your home office, get a solid data backup, security, and tech support solution in place for your home today.

Visit our website at to view all our products and services or call 1300 28 28 78 to discuss your needs with your local Computer Troubleshooter.