Residential Home Services

You arrive home from work or your children arrive home from school and all you want is connectivity and a piece of mind that your technology systems are secure from hackers, viruses and ransomware.

Your expectation is that it will just work, of course we do know it will fail at the most inconvenient time and that’s where the range of services provided by Australia’s largest franchise network Computer Troubleshooters is required.

Service options include:

Troubleshooting & Repair

Your Wifi network has failed, you cannot get your Wifi printer to connect and print that school assignment, the internet is running slow, the desktop takes forever to boot.

These are just some of the problems that we diagnose and resolve, explaining in a language you can understand and informing you of the steps and all charges before commencing any work that you approve.

Internet Security Services

Using the best of breed security solutions enable us to implement a security solution that provides confidence and peace of mind to you that the chances of being impacted negatively while banking, purchasing and searching are minimised. Computer Troubleshooters offer a range of solutions that will make sure all your technology is up to date with the latest protection. In addition, we can provide you a proactive option of monitoring your computer home security and access to the Family Zone range of products.

Remote Support Services

In your busy world finding the time to bring your computer to us can be very difficult and inconvenient.

Overcoming this is simple when we use our remote support tool that allows us to securely access your computer where we can perform a diagnosis and fix on the spot. Easy no fuss resolution just what you need when it comes to technology today.

Data Backup & Recovery

Just returned from your holiday and you have so many happy memories in pictures, key personal documents all stored on the computer’s hard drive.  How do you ensure that all this information is safe and protected from damage.

Talk to us about the range of solutions we can provide at a budget that meets your needs.

Maintenance Plans for Residential Clients

Do you not service your car or your ducted heating service? Of course not, it is too expensive not to service these items on a regular basis. Today with increasing complexity and multiple devices the same applies to your home technology. Talk to us about a managed home technology plan where we make sure your technology is running smoothly, always up to date, secure and your data is backed up. A small monthly fee for technology peace of mind and less stress over technology.

Home Networks and Cloud Services

Multiple users and multiple devices  means a wireless home network. Discuss the options to implement and secure your network

Is your child using cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Office 365 for school, social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Ask about how we can improve performance and ensure everything is secure.

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When you need remote support our CT Rowville technician will guide you to this page to download and install our remote support software on your device, so that they can remote to your PC and fix your problems. They will only be able to remote in when you provide them with a code that comes up on your PC. They will not be able to remote in without this code. Keeping you secure at all times.

Call your own Independent local support person Raj for all your residential technology needs. 0410 657 329