Remote Support Services: – The answer for the Remote Workforce

The workplace environment has changed thanks to Covid. Workers are working remotely and post Covid, it is expected that many workers will spend some of their working week continuing to work remotely.

The big question is what support they need when something breaks or is not working effectively? This is where a busines needs a good IT support company that knows when a remote worker needs help (Remote Monitoring) and they can proactively support and fix issues by a Remote support service.  Meaning that the IT support company prevents issues before they happen enabling workers to maintain their productivity. This applies equally to homes as they become more connected and require their internet for all those daily activities.

What is Remote Monitoring?

With IT it’s far better to prevent than have to fix, makes sense just like a motor vehicle requires regular servicing rather than driving until something breaks.  When working with a Computer Troubleshooter location they deploy a small piece of software( known as an agent) on your device or through a network. The agent monitors your devices and based on the established rules alerts the Troubleshooter when something is not looking right. This allows the Troubleshooter to act, the Troubleshooter investigates and takes care of the issue. What this means for a business is they can rest easy knowing their IT is always being taken care of.

What is Remote Support?

So, you are asking yourself the question why do I need remote support? Put simply because sometimes the issue requires the technician to access your computer to fix the issue.  Remote support is where the  technical support representative accesses an end-user’s computer via a secure internet connection.

The end-user permits access to their computer and this enables the technician to complete a diagnoses, and with your approval undertake the fix. Speed of fix is the key advantage and minimal downtime as the device does not need to be taken offsite or staff sitting around waiting for the technician to arrive onsite.

The other benefit is being able to see what is going on through the sharing of an individual’s screen. This enables both the technician and the end-user to have access to the desktop at the same time. Using the shared computer screen, the technician is able to explain what they are doing and why. This makes the whole support equation very transparent and a learning experience for the business owner.

As consumers, most of us are familiar with on-line “live chat” sessions where you can seek assistance on technical questions about products or an accounts issue.  Remote support is in a sense the same, think of it as having a friendly co-pilot onboard helping an employee navigate the fix.

Key Benefits of Remote Support Services: – Business

Remote support offers several key benefits:

  • Cost savings are achieved by accessing IT support only when it’s actually needed. Many IT providers provide managed IT support plans with favourable remote support rates compared to clients  who only call when something goes wrong. Ask your Computer Troubleshooter about their managed IT support plans.
  • Efficiency is enhanced by using remote support for certain types of repairs. At the current time with a large percentage of the workforce working from home, remote support means your they can access IT support when they need it and get that support straight away meaning less downtime for them.

    To get the support all the worker has to do is submit a ticket from the support icon on their tool bar. No phone queues, no emails in an unattended inbox, just immediate response.

    Starting a remote session is as simple as downloading the remote connection software, in our case, from the Troubleshooter location’s website. This immediately eliminates downtime for employees, no need for appointments, and no call out fees to cover the technician’s travel time.

    When the word returns some form of normal the other benefit is when travelling is having the access to IT support when needed. It helps avoid the catastrophe  the night before a  big presentation and your computer fails while stuck in a hotel room.

  • Flexibility is critical because many employees are using not only their office desktops, but also laptops and a variety of mobile devices. The “bring your own device” movement has created greater needs for technical support that is skilled across a variety of platforms. Remote support offers flexibility and convenience, while also delivering secure service and support session audit history.

Remember all of the same benefits apply to having this capability in your home. Think about how many internet connected devices you are using in your home and the Wi-Fi printer losses its connection, what do you do? 

Being ready for Remote Support?

Business owners need to be aware of new IT solutions that can save time, money and resources while increasing the efficiency of their business. Remote support is a strategy that delivers results and assists businesses to stay competitive. Be in the drives seat, take control of your business’s IT with remote support.

Talk to your local friendly Computer Troubleshooters location today  Call 1300 28 28 78 y and one of our technology professionals will be happy to discuss the various remote support packages for business and residential homes.

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