The Right IT Support for Business

Business today relies on technology more than ever. As a result, there is more and more potential for frustration for everyone in the business, when something is not working or goes down.

When a computer issue causes a disruption to an employee’s ability perform daily tasks, not only is productivity impacted but also employee frustration. Very Often this leads to an impact on the employee’s perception of the business.
When an IT problem hits a business there is no such thing as a convenient time.

How does a business overcome this challenge?

To overcome this inconvenience and the associated cost of disruption a business needs to have in place a proactive support option, or the ability to seek support quickly. A proactive support option is where the business has entered into a relationship with their IT provider to monitor their IT systems and perform regular maintenance and associated tasks as defined by their managed services plan for a monthly fee for the term of the agreement. As a general rule the proactive nature of regular maintenance and monitoring provided under a basic level managed services plan eliminates 65-85% of disruptive downtime.

A secondary option is to have a plan of purchased hours that is then supplied by the IT provider under a remote support plan. An example could be 3 hours. The business can call upon the provider to support them at any time through the month up to the time allowed under the plan.

Under either of these options, the IT provider would generally provide first line response by accessing the businesses network and devices through a remote connection tool such as TeamViewer.

What are the key benefits of such a plan?

Time and speed of response is a key benefit for the business. Remember that when something breaks, every minute of downtime is costing the business in terms of staff productivity. It’s not hard to see how not only it is costing the business in employees time, but it can mean not being able to earn revenue as you may not be able to create invoices or even collect the cash from the sales you have made.

By being able to connect remotely, an IT provider can immediately start diagnosing the issue and start fixing it, rather than have people sitting around waiting for the technician to arrive on site before they can commence working on the issue. This means the most important and urgent problems can be addressed quickly.

The second benefit is that the mode by which you are remotely supported is simple and not confusing for your users. As the user, you receive from your provider an invitation that requires the user to give access permission for the IT provider. Computer Troubleshooters use Industry leading highly secure remote support tools such as TeamViewer, LogMeIn, Screen Connect etc. Once access is given then the IT provider may take control or you the user may describe the problem by showing your support technician what is happening. The outcome of this is faster diagnosis and faster resolution meaning the business is back to being productive sooner.

Access is another benefit because it does not matter where you are or what time it is providing you have an internet connection then the Computer Troubleshooters technician can access your device.

The depth of issues that can be remediated is significant. Issues like malware, removing viruses, patch updating on software, clearing disk space, printer issues, backup, email issues, office 365, password rectification/management of users and general testing of performance are just some examples of what can be supported remotely.

How can Computer Troubleshooters help your business?

All Computer Troubleshooters locations can provide remote support on demand. This means if your business is not on a managed plan then you can still get immediate help and assistance and be able to minimise the period of disruption to your business. Under this “on demand” model the normal hourly rate of the provider is charged.

Alternatively, you can engage your nearest CT location on a monthly plan that is either based on hours or based on a proactive plan of defined activities. Look at the Computer Troubleshooters BEST Managed Services plans or develop a customised plan based on your needs and requirements.

Remember, today it is all about prevention and minimising the disruption to your business.

What to do next?

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